FREDERICTON (GNB) – Provincial government offices in downtown Fredericton will reopen on Tuesday, May 1.

Parking is limited and traffic congestion will be a concern. Employees are strongly encouraged to minimize the use of personal vehicles in the downtown by:

  • using public transit which is currently free (City Transit has added route frequency and capacity, delays are still to be expected nonetheless);
  • using the park and ride organized by City of Fredericton Transit (details below);
  • using the two park and walk locations near the downtown (details below);
  • walking or biking;
  • carpooling;
  • arranging flexible or staggered work hours;
  • moving work meeting sites away from downtown or switching to teleconferencing;
  • working from home if feasible and appropriate.

In all cases, allow more time to travel to your destination.

Park and Ride and Park and Walk

The City of Fredericton has organized four park and ride shuttle locations (two on the north side and two on the south side) with free parking and direct bus access to downtown. The City has also identified two sites near downtown where individuals can park and walk to work. Details are available on the City's website.

Parking notices

  • The parking garages behind Kings Place, next to Frederick Square and Chancery Place, and under the City Center are still open for monthly pass holders only on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • The surface lots between Tim Hortons and the Centennial Building, next to the Market and to Place 2000 are open.
  • The lot at 115 Woodstock Rd. (next to the Delta hotel) normally used by Service New Brunswick for driving examinations is open to parking.
  • The underground parking garages at Chancery Place and the Sartain MacDonald Building remain open for pass holders. Concerns about rising water remain, and there could be a need to evacuate on short notice. Anyone who parks there should leave their cell phone number visible from the windshield for security attendants.
  • Employees are asked not to use the parking lot at the Victoria Health Centre (65 Brunswick St.) since it is the site of operations for the Emergency Measures Organization.
  • The status of any parking lot is subject to change on very short notice.

Employees who are personally affected by flooding and need to tend to their needs are not required to come to work.

The flood is continuously being monitored. An update on government offices will be communicated if circumstances change. Employees should check their emails regularly.