FREDERICTON (GNB) – The following reminder was issued today by the Department of Public Safety's New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization.

Environment Canada continues to monitor Hurricane Sandy as it moves toward the region. Residents can expect to see rain and wind impacts overnight on Monday into Tuesday. Some areas may get in excess of 75 mm of rain, as well as gusts of high winds.  There is the potential for a 60 cm storm surge in the Bay of Fundy on Monday night, but this will coincide with low tide, so it will not pose a significant risk. NB EMO will continue to monitor weather conditions and post updates as needed.

In preparation for hurricanes, tropical storms or other severe weather, everyone should have a plan in place to protect their family, pets, livestock and property. The plan should include stocking up on food, water, medication, batteries and other necessities.

Leaves and debris should be cleared from rain gutters, as they can hamper drainage in the event of heavy rains. Outdoor belongings such as patio furniture and other items should be put in a secure place.

Residents should have an emergency kit, and prepare to be self-reliant for at least 72 hours in the event of severe weather. They should also regularly check television and radio forecasts to stay up to date on evolving weather conditions.

Residents are encouraged to download the 72-Hour Emergency Guide, which can be found on the federal government's Get Prepared website. The website has several publications that can assist people in preparing for emergency situations.

Bulletins from the Canadian Hurricane Centre are also available online as is other information from the Emergency Measures Organization.


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●    Bulletins from the Canadian Hurricane Centre
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