Government of New Brunswick

Each year, fire season begins on the third Monday of April and ends on October 31st. If necessary, the Minister may vary the date the fire season commences or ends.

The Forest Fires Act only allows for the burning of non-treated woody materials. The burning of other material would have to be approved the Department of Environment and Local Government.  

Yes, a stove or fire pit that uses a liquid or gaseous fuel that can be extinguished by a lid or by closing a fuel control valve is safe to use during a closed or restricted burn period.

If the campfire pit meets the conditions of the Forest Fires Act, park management or the campground owners can choose whether or not to allow burning.

Cities and towns do not fall under the Forest Fires Act so it is up to each city or town to regulate burning. It is the responsibility of the person having a fire to check with their city or town to find out whether burning is allowed.   

An outdoor fireplace can be used during a closed or restricted burn period if:

  • the fireplace is approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA); and,
  • has a chimney with spark arrester; and,
  • is completely enclose by screen or mesh; and
  • the fireplace is at least three meters from combustible materials; and,
  • the height of all grass or weeds growing on land within three meters of the fireplace is no more than ten centimeters.

During fire season, a campfire is considered a category 1 fire which is regulated by the burn permit system. Therefore, whether a campfire is allowed depends upon fire hazard. Please check the burn line to see whether campfires are allowed in a specific county.

Grass burning is considered a Category 4 Fire which is for prescribed burning. This requires a written burn plan to be submitted to your local Ranger’s Office. Once the burn plan is approved a written permit with departmental guidelines may be issued. Failure to comply could result in a fine of $500-$20,500.

Air quality does not fall under the umbrella of the Forest Fires Act. Contact the Department of Environment and Local Government for any air quality issues.

When wanting permission to burn outside of fire season contact the Department of Environment and Local Government at (506) 453-2690 or consult their website.