FREDERICTON (GNB) – The virtual health service eVisit is returning to the same service levels provided prior to April 1.

A change had been made to the service to focus on primary care needs that are immediate, and not on matters requiring ongoing care for which a person’s primary care provider is best suited. Following concerns raised regarding access to requests for services such as bloodwork, the provincial government asked eVisit to return to the previous level of service they provided.

“While the intent was to ensure people are contacting their primary health-care provider first for these services, it is clear it was causing issues for some people when it came to access,” said Health Minister Bruce Fitch. “The Department of Health is in the process of expanding the NB Health Link program. The program takes people from the wait list for a family doctor or nurse practitioner and temporarily connects them with a team who can look after their needs until they secure a long-term primary care provider. As we continue this work, the same level of service eVisit had provided prior to April 1 is still required.”

Fitch said that includes diagnostic and laboratory testing for both episodic ailments and longstanding health concerns.

This level of service will resume Monday, May 15.