FREDERICTON (GNB) – Amendments intended to help improve safety and prevent collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles were today introduced in the legislative assembly.

“Since the implementation of Ellen’s Law – or the one-metre rule – in 2017, we have continued discussions with cyclists to further improve safety on our roads,” said Public Safety Minister Bill Hogan. “These proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Act would allow for the development of regulations devoted exclusively to bicycle safety. They would also provide the flexibility to address changing practices and new technologies like power-assisted bicycles.”

The amendments include changing the definition of a bicycle to allow devices prescribed by regulation to be included or excluded from the definition.

The amendments would also give authority to the cabinet to make regulations respecting bicycle safety, including:

  • the use and operation of bicycles;
  • the operation of bicycles on highways;
  • helmet standards for cyclists; and
  • equipment or items required or prohibited when operating a bicycle.

By moving bicycle safety rules from legislation to regulation, no existing rules will be lost. The current sections of the act will not be repealed until after the new regulations are developed. In addition, regulations may apply differently to different classes or categories of bicycles, such as power-assisted bicycles.

The provincial government continues to promote safety on the roads for all users. More information is available online.