FREDERICTON (GNB) – The legislative assembly passed three motions recommending the appointment of three legislative officers. They include Paul Martin as auditor general, Marie-France Pelletier as ombud and Kelly Lamrock as child, youth and senior advocate.

The auditor general assists the legislative assembly in holding government accountable by reporting on its performance and stewardship of public funds and resources. The findings of the auditor general are issued in an annual report to the legislative assembly and through appearances before the standing committee on public accounts.

The Office of the Ombud has jurisdiction to conduct independent and confidential investigations into complaints of an administrative nature with respect to provincial government departments, municipalities, school districts, district education councils, regional health authorities, Crown agencies, and other agencies responsible to the Province, including a number of commissions and boards as defined under the Ombud Act.

The ombud is also responsible for investigating complaints under the Public Interest Disclosure Act. Further, the ombud has certain responsibilities under the Archives Act for reviewing decisions regarding access to records and an oversight role for the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act.

The child, youth and seniors’ advocate acts as an advocate for the rights and interests of children, youth, adults under protection and seniors in general, and is responsible for ensuring that those rights and interests are protected. The advocate provides information and advice to government, government agencies and communities about the availability, effectiveness, responsiveness and relevance of services to these individuals and ensures that their views are heard and considered. The advocate is also responsible for ensuring that these people have access to approved services and that complaints about these services receive appropriate attention.

The auditor general is appointed for 10 years, while the ombud and child, youth and senior advocate are appointed for seven-year terms.