FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government announced today its participation in the development of a 125-unit housing project in Moncton that will help support people in need and address homelessness.

As part of its efforts to build vibrant and sustainable communities, the provincial government will invest $6 million over three years in the Rising Tide project.

“We are pleased to join Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc. and the City of Moncton in this important project that will not only provide housing but also important services to people in need,” said Social Development Minister Bruce Fitch. “I am incredibly proud to see this unprecedented collaboration between the Department of Social Development, private business, non-governmental organizations and the City of Moncton, especially at this time of year. By working together, we will help provide enhanced services to the city’s most vulnerable.”

Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc. is a newly established non-profit organization in Moncton with a core mandate of stimulating the development and sustainability of affordable housing throughout the city. The group has a plan, supported by the city and the provincial government, to purchase and renovate properties that will provide 125 units of affordable housing for current users of homeless shelters in Moncton. The project also includes funding for the creation of up to seven community case managers, each of whom would serve about 15 clients.

“Having a roof over your head and a place to call home is such a fundamental need,” said Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold. “We are pleased to join our provincial and local community partners to create a new and innovative housing entity, including much needed services to support people facing serious challenges in their lives. Rising Tide is a great example of a collaborative approach to help address severe human and social issues in our city.”

The project will unroll over the next three years. The organization plans to buy about 20 properties in the city to achieve the 125-unit target. To bring relief to the homeless population, the monthly unit cost should be about $300 and will include amenities such as food, heat, lights, television, and continuous case management. Each property will have a peer-support person living on site who will help clients move forward in their respective situations.

“This type of housing unit will achieve the goal of helping people move from the street to a home,” said Dale Hicks of Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc. “The supportive model which will accompany the units will increase the likelihood of residents successfully maintaining housing.”

The organization will partner with established non-profit and charitable organizations to provide case management for the people living in the units. All partners will abide by best-practice approaches that have been established, including:

  • housing first approaches;
  • effective case management; and
  • participation in co-ordinated access.

The Rising Tide initiative is intended to become a strong, community-driven project. In that regard, local non-profit organizations including churches and service groups, will be invited to adopt a property to provide additional support like food delivery, transportation to appointments or social activities.