FREDERICTON (GNB) – Elections New Brunswick outlined the reporting process that will provide the results of the upcoming provincial general election, after polls close 8 p.m. on Sept. 14.

This year, Elections New Brunswick will use the same results reporting process that was used in the 2018 provincial general election. This means that results from the tabulation machines located at polling stations will only be uploaded once all electors, including any that are standing in line waiting to vote when the polls close, have been processed. If there are lineups, electors already waiting are permitted to vote after 8 p.m. after which the poll can be closed. This will delay reporting from that particular polling station.

Results from the tabulation machines used for advance voting may be among the first results to be made public on election evening, as returning office staff upload these results shortly after the close of polls at 8 p.m.

The last results expected to be available on election night are from the tabulation machines located across the province at each of the 50 returning offices. After the close of polls at 8 p.m., the returning office staff must first process all mail-in ballots that arrived that day, as well as any out-of-office special ballots collected by curbside voting that day.

An electoral district’s results cannot be declared final until all of that district’s advance and ordinary tabulation machines have reported, and all 50 returning office tabulation machines have transmitted their respective results.

It is anticipated that the final results will not be published until after midnight, and there may be lengthy delays between the results reported from small polling stations and those reported from larger polling stations where line ups may be present at the close of polls.

Elections New Brunswick’s mandate and first priority on election night is to ensure the accuracy of the results reporting process, which is particularly important with the high usage of mail-in ballots in this election due to the COVID-19 pandemic.