FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government has announced that it will adopt a third gender marker (X) as a non-binary gender identifier on birth certificates.

“For many people, gender is not easily defined as either male or female,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Sherry Wilson. “It is important that we provide people with an option that better reflects their identity. Introducing (X) as an option on birth certificates is reflective of a more inclusive society.”

Wilson said that governments are beginning to acknowledge that for many people gender is not easily defined as either male or female. Many jurisdictions in Canada and in other countries are beginning to offer (X) as a non-binary option for identity on government issued documents.

Previously, the federal government announced that individuals could choose gender identifier (X) on their passports, beginning in August 2017. In November 2017, the provincial Department of Public Safety began to allow for gender identifier (X) on driver’s licenses.

“The option to now do so on the birth certificate is another progressive step that our government is taking to ensure a more inclusive province,” said Wilson.

Individuals who wish to receive new birth certificates with an updated gender identifier will be able to request one at a Service New Brunswick Centre near them later this year. There is no cost associated to the individual to make this change.