BOUCTOUCHE (GNB) – The provincial government will invest more than $14 million in paving, chip seal and bridge projects in southern Kent County.

“Your government understands the positive impact of strategic infrastructure investments in New Brunswick,” said Health Minister Benoît Bourque. “Having reliable and safe roads is a priority for your government.”

Bourque spoke on behalf of Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser.

The government will continue with replacement of the Little Bouctouche River No. 1 Bridge, Black River No. 3.5 Bridge and Trout Brook Bridge.

Storm-damaged culverts on the Luke Brook No. 3 and Miller Brook No. 1 bridges will be replaced using funding from the federal government’s Disaster Financial Assistance Program.

Paving will be done on a 1.7-kilometre section of Route 134 from the Kent Park area to the Després Road, a 4.1-kilometre section of Route 515 from the De La Traverse Road area towards the McLean Brook No. 1 Bridge area, and a two-kilometre section of Route 535 from Route 115 toward Murray Road. The government will also fund micro-surfacing on 3.6 kilometres of Route 11 from the Saint-Pierre Road overpass area to the Grattan Road interchange and underpass.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will chip seal 6.3 kilometres of Coats Mills South Road; an 800-metre section of des Boudreau Road; a 600-metre section of des Chevaliers Road; a 2.6-kilometre section of des Roches Road from Route 475 to Potts Road; a four-kilometre section of Emerson Road from the beginning of the road to Route 465; a 200-metre section of Haut-Saint-Antoine Road; a 2.2-kilometre section of Lawson Road from Route 490 to Murphy Road; a 300-metre section of Louisbourg Road; a 400-metre section of Saint-Augustin Road from Route 126 to the dirt road; a 1.7-kilometre section of Saint-Augustin Road from the end of the dirt road to Route 465; an 8.7-kilometre section of Saint-Gabriel Road from Grattan Road to Bois-Joli Road; and a 2.9-kilometre section of Saint-Lazare Road, as well as sections of Route 480, Richard Road and Martial Hébert Road.

The department’s $688.2-million capital budget reflects the government’s priority of investing strategically in its buildings, highways and bridges. Strategic investments in infrastructure are a key component of the multi-year New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan, the government’s framework for growing the economy and creating jobs.