FREDERICTON (GNB) - Due to the constraints on parking and traffic created by the flooding in the Fredericton area, the provincial government offices in downtown Fredericton (between University Avenue to the east, Dundonald/Beaverbrook Streets to the south and Smythe Street to the west) will be closed on Monday, April 30.

Employees who work in these buildings are asked not to come to the office (except if they are a worker who has received a separate instruction from their supervisor). Employees who have the capacity to work from home are expected to remain accessible and to continue their work by using laptops and smartphones.

While offices outside the downtown remain open, managers need to exercise discretion for employees who need to travel through the downtown or take a bridge to travel between home and work.  In these circumstances, managers and employees are strongly encouraged to use flexible work hours or working from home arrangements.

Employees who are personally affected by flooding are not required to come to work.

Employees who will be travelling to work are encouraged to use carpooling, public transit or another travel alternative to reduce traffic congestion. The City of Fredericton is planning express bus routes from select points (such as Willie O’Ree and Grant-Harvey centres) to downtown.  Please consult the City’s website for confirmation and details.    

An update on the closure of government offices will be communicated late Monday afternoon.