FREDERICTON (GNB) – The minimum wage in New Brunswick will increase to $11.25 per hour on April 1.

“The goals behind New Brunswick’s multi-year economic growth plan are to grow the economy, create jobs and put more money in the pockets of New Brunswickers,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “We have raised the minimum wage four times since we have been the government to provide a strong workforce for business and so we can spur economic growth that works for all New Brunswickers.”

The minimum wage will be indexed to the corresponding increase in the New Brunswick consumer price index, which means in New Brunswick it will increase to $11.25 per hour. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have harmonized the date of effect for any minimum wage increase to April 1.

“Your government is focused on helping families and supporting low-income workers by raising the minimum wage,” said Labour, Employment and Population Growth Minister Gilles LePage. “Ensuring that future minimum wage increases are indexed to the consumer price index will provide predictability and help New Brunswick businesses plan for their future.”