FREDERICTON (GNB) – NB Liquor and Canopy Growth Corp. have signed an agreement to develop a training program for Cannabis NB employees. The program is the first of its kind in Canada.

“Part of ensuring we have a safe environment, once recreational-use cannabis is legal, is making sure potential consumers have the right information about the products they may buy,” said Finance Minister Cathy Rogers. “The training developed through this agreement will help Cannabis NB staff to be well prepared for and educated in all aspects of the retailing of recreational cannabis in the province. The agreement also has the added advantage of potential economic opportunities through the licensing of this training program to other jurisdictions.”

“We are proud to partner with NB Liquor on this vital educational initiative,” said Canopy Growth Corp. president Mark Zekulin. “We look forward to working together to provide the tools needed to enter legalization in New Brunswick responsibly and appropriately. The educational platform we have created together will play a major role in forming a well-trained cannabis retail team, which is critical to the safety and success of the recreational cannabis industry in New Brunswick.” 

NB Liquor, in collaboration with Canopy Growth Corp., has developed a curriculum for the program. Topics to be covered during employee training include:

  • customer service
  • operations and store procedures
  • safety
  • responsible use
  • cannabis product knowledge

This program will be jointly owned by NB Liquor and Canopy Growth Corp. and will be offered for sale to other provinces.

“This program will help ensure Cannabis NB operates in a manner that promotes social responsibility and responsible consumption,” said NB Liquor president and CEO Brian Harriman. “NB Liquor has a vast amount of experience with customer service, retailing a controlled substance, operations and procedures, and Canopy Growth can offer aspects of the product knowledge.”

The training program will consist of three weeks of in-class training, plus an online component and individual learning.