FREDERICTON (GNB) – NB Power and Edmundston Truck Stop announced the commissioning of a fast-charging station for electric vehicles in the parking lot next to the car wash at the truck stop.

Four additional fast-charging stations for electric vehicles will be commissioned along the Trans-Canada Highway by Friday in Perth-Andover, Youngs Cove, Salisbury, and Aulac, joining NB Power’s province-wide eCharge Network.

Visitors can charge their electric vehicles at fast-charging and standard (level 2) stations by the dates listed at the following locations:

  • Edmundston Truck Stop – Thursday, July 27.
  • Johnson’s Guardian, Perth-Andover - Wednesday, July 26.
  • Youngs Cove Irving Oil, – Thursday, July 27.
  • Irving Oil Salisbury Big Stop – Thursday, July 27.
  • Irving Oil Aulac Big Stop – Friday, July 28.

These locations join the Irving Oil Lincoln Big Stop where drivers of battery electric vehicles can recharge up to 80 per cent in about 30 minutes.

“The partnerships between NB Power with the Edmundston Truck Stop, Johnson’s Guardian, Youngs Cove Irving Oil, Irving Oil Salisbury Big Stop and Irving Oil Aulac Big Stop will encourage more New Brunswickers to make the shift to electric vehicles,” said Brad Wasson, director of product development at NB Power. “Driving electric vehicles in New Brunswick can help drivers act green and save money, shrinking the vehicle’s carbon footprint while reducing the owner’s fuel-related costs by about 75 per cent.”

“These stations are concrete examples of the Government of Canada’s commitment to support New Brunswick’s low carbon future and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector,” said Madawaska-Restigouche MP René Arseneault. “We continue to support projects that will help build a clean economy, create well-paying jobs and achieve our climate change goals.”

Arseneault attended for federal Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr.

“This is an important development as we drive forward towards transitioning New Brunswick to a low-carbon economy,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser. “Your government understands New Brunswickers have made a priority of embracing the green economy and reducing our carbon footprint. Our climate change action plan calls for a collaborative approach to creating the strategic infrastructure to support the use of electric vehicles throughout the province.”

Fraser spoke on behalf of Energy and Resource Development Minister Rick Doucet.

“The Edmundston Truck Stop was pleased to work in partnership with NB Power to install the first fast-charging station for electric vehicles in Edmundston,” said Vicki Wallace-Godbout, owner of the Edmundston Truck Stop. “Offering this service will benefit the region’s economy and enable visitors to explore our beautiful region.”

“We know our customers are looking for convenient options at our retail locations, no matter what their fuelling needs are,” said Darren Gillis, general manager, sales and marketing operations for Irving Oil. “We are proud to be the first retailer to offer electric vehicle fast-charging in New Brunswick and to host fast-chargers at seven of our sites. Working together with NB Power, we are excited to help form a fast-charging corridor in the province and better meet the needs of our customers and the traveling public.”

The eCharge Network’s fast-charging corridor along the Trans-Canada Highway will include 10 stations spaced 65 kilometers apart along the province’s busiest highway where both fast-charging stations and standard level-2 stations will be available by early August. Funding of $500,000 from Natural Resources Canada assisted in purchasing and installing the charging stations.

About the eCharge Network:

The eCharge Network is NB Power’s public charging program for electric vehicles. It includes standard level-2 (240 volt) charging stations located throughout the province and by early August will include a corridor of ten fast-charging stations (400 volt) along the TransCanada Highway from Edmundston to Aulac. The network aims to enable drivers of electric vehicles to travel around New Brunswick.

Drivers of electric vehicles can sign up to the eCharge Network online and download the eCharge Network app for iOS and Android to locate charging stations, add credits to their account and access charging stations. The eCharge Network is interoperable with the Electric Circuit in Québec and the FLO network’s thousands of stations throughout Canada.

Quick facts:

  • There are currently ten standard level-2 eCharge Network stations available for use in the following municipalities: Fredericton, Waasis, Quispamsis, Moncton, Shediac, Grand Bay-Westfield.
  • It takes several hours to recharge completely at a standard level-2 charging station.
  • Both plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles can charge at a 120-volt outlet or standard level-2 charging stations (240 volt).
  • An all-electric vehicle can recharge up to 80 per cent in as little as 30 minutes at a fast charging (level 3 / 400 volt) station.