ST. STEPHEN (GNB) – Deputy premier Stephen Horsman hosted a New Brunswick Family Plan summit on supporting people living with a disability on Monday, March 13.

The summit, held in St. Stephen, was the last of seven held across the province in support of the New Brunswick Family Plan Framework.

“Your government is listening and getting things done. The New Brunswick Family Plan will address the factors that have the greatest impact on our health and well-being,’’ said Horsman. “By focusing on seven key areas we will create a stronger and healthier New Brunswick to make it the best place in which to live, work and raise a family.”

The summit, which attracted stakeholders from throughout the province, addressed a number of topics, such as what services are needed to help people living with a disability have equal access to job opportunities, and how programs and services can be more accessible.

“Although a great deal of progress has been made in addressing the needs of persons living with a disability in New Brunswick, they often face complex issues that require a co-ordinated approach between diverse stakeholders,” said Horsman. “That is why we were pleased to hold this summit to discuss how we can work together to ensure equal access to education, literacy, training and employment opportunities so that those living with a disability can be active participants in the labour force and lead productive lives.”

The New Brunswick Family Plan Framework is intended to complement the Economic Growth Plan and 10-year education plans and aims to ensure that families are supported, resulting in a healthier province.

The framework focuses government action in seven priority areas: improving access to primary and acute care; promoting wellness; supporting people with mental health challenges; fostering healthy aging and support for seniors; advancing women’s equality; reducing poverty; and supporting people with disabilities.