FREDERICTON (GNB) – The Commission on Electoral Reform submitted its final report and recommendations to the Clerk of the Executive Council today.

The report, entitled A pathway to an inclusive democracy, includes 23 recommendations aimed at improving the electoral system in New Brunswick.

“As members of the Commission on Electoral Reform, we are proud to submit this report to the Clerk of the Executive Council,” said commission member Jason Alcorn. “We believe it reflects the requirements of our mandate, as well as what we heard from New Brunswickers, and provides options for strengthening New Brunswick’s democracy.”

The report includes recommendations on a range of issues, such as a new voting system, political financing, and the voting age in the province.

Members of the commission were announced in November 2016. The commission was mandated to examine democratic reform in the province by assessing ways to make the legislature more effective and investigating means to improve participation in democracy.

The commission is comprised of the following five members: Carolyn MacKay, Bev Harrison, Gaétane Johnson, Jason Alcorn, and Constantine Passaris.