FREDERICTON (GNB) – Premier Brian Gallant has announced a new framework and stakeholder engagement process to develop the New Brunswick Family Plan.

Gallant issued an invitation to stakeholder groups to get involved in the process that will support families and build a stronger, healthier province.

“By working with businesses, industry and community leaders we built the economic growth plan,” said Gallant. “By listening to educators, experts and stakeholders we completed our education plan. Now, by engaging New Brunswickers again, we will finalize the New Brunswick Family Plan.

“The framework launched today demonstrates that we understand the importance of investing in proactive measures that improve the determinants of our families’ health.”

The New Brunswick Family Plan will complement work already underway in the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan and 10-year education plans. The New Brunswick Family Plan will aim to improve the lives of all New Brunswickers by addressing factors that are the biggest determinants of overall health.

The government will be seeking input on the seven pillars of the New Brunswick Family Plan:

  • improving access to primary and acute care;
  • promoting wellness;
  • supporting people with mental health challenges;
  • fostering healthy aging and support for seniors;
  • advancing women’s equality;
  • reducing poverty; and
  • supporting people with disabilities.

There will be a series of stakeholder summits across the province in the coming weeks. Stakeholders with experience and knowledge in these seven areas are encouraged to take part. Their insights will be vital to the completion of the New Brunswick Family Plan.

“The council is pleased that women’s equality is a pillar of the plan and that further development of the plan will happen through a consultation process,” said Beth Lyons, executive director of the New Brunswick Women’s Council. “This is an opportunity for government to address persistent inequality through policy decisions based on evidence, expertise, and the lived experiences of New Brunswickers.”

“Patients are not bodies which contain illnesses, but people who have hopes and dreams and relationships,” said Dr. Lynn Murphy-Kaulbeck, president of the New Brunswick Medical Society. “Today, we are talking about a collection of real issues which impact families. This is not only a health plan or a plan to reduce poverty. Instead, this plan recognizes the inherent connections between all of these things.”