FREDERICTON (GNB) – Identifying and eliminating red tape that is most problematic for small and medium-sized businesses will continue to be a provincial government priority.

Premier Brian Gallant made the statement today as he recognized Red Tape Awareness Week, an annual initiative of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

“Our government is committed to creating jobs and improving the economy,” said Gallant. “By lowering taxes and freezing fees for small businesses, while reducing burdens such as unnecessary red tape, we are creating the conditions for economic growth.”

“While every business owner will recognize that some regulation is necessary, there comes a point where excessive paperwork, duplication and slow processes become unproductive red tape,” said Denis Robichaud, the federation’s director of provincial affairs for New Brunswick. “At a time when government resources are limited, reducing the time and money businesses spend on red tape is a great way to help boost our economy.”

“We welcome the insight of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business as well as our small and medium-sized business owners to further understand the specific red tape challenges they face and how those concerns can be addressed,” said Economic Development Minister Rick Doucet. “Our actions to remove red tape and foster an environment for business growth align with our commitments in Moving New Brunswick Forward.”

Recent activities and commitments focused on improving the climate for small business include the reduction of the small business tax rate to four per cent as of Jan. 1; the freezing of fees for small business; and the establishment of the Jobs Board which will guide economic policy and work to ensure the issue of red tape is not compounded.