FREDERICTON (GNB) – For the first time ever, mandate letters that will guide the provincial government over the next four years are available to the public online.

The letters outline the specific priorities that each member of cabinet and their departments will focus upon.

“New Brunswickers want us to move the province forward and our plan is to achieve that goal by creating jobs, improving our fiscal situation and helping families to prosper,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “We have made a commitment to make government more transparent and accountable. By making these mandate letters available to the public, it is easier for New Brunswickers to see our plan in action and understand what we are working on.”

Each minister has received a mandate letter that outlines specific department priorities. The letters also include a directive to:

  • publish expenses in a timely manner;
  • demonstrate ethical and responsible behaviour;
  • work collaboratively on major policy initiatives and communication issues; and
  • uphold the three key government priorities of job creation, fiscal responsibility, and making life more affordable for families

The mandate letters demonstrate the responsibility for commitments and provide public accountability to the departments.

“We are continuously working hard to gain the trust of New Brunswickers,” said Gallant. “It is imperative that we work diligently to become an efficient, transparent and accountable government so that we may keep their trust.”