FREDERICTON (GNB) – Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau was installed today as the new lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick during an official ceremony at the legislative assembly in Fredericton.

The ceremony was hosted by Premier Brian Gallant, who noted Roy-Vienneau’s outstanding contributions to New Brunswick’s education system, and to the province as a whole.

“Ms. Roy-Vienneau has been instrumental to the growth and continued excellence of our education system through her dedication to her profession as an educator and administrator,” said Gallant. “On behalf of New Brunswickers, I thank you for your passion and leadership in advancing post-secondary education in the province. I look forward to working with you.”

In her first speech as lieutenant-governor, Roy-Vienneau spoke about her love of the province and its people. She also promised to use her new role to get New Brunswickers talking - about literacy, about mental health issues and about the need for a new sense of pride for this place we call home.  

"It is time for us to view New Brunswick through a different lens," said Roy-Vienneau. "It is time for others to see us as we really are – strong, resourceful, creative, fun-loving, proud of our past and excited for the future."

Both Gallant and Roy-Vienneau thanked former Lt.-Gov.Graydon Nicholas for his five years of service.

“Through your dedicated work as lieutenant-governor in promoting the importance of education, lifelong learning and diversity, you have had a significant impact on the province that will not be forgotten, and will help shape future generations,” said Gallant. “As the first Aboriginal to be chosen as the Queen’s representative in the province, your tenure is one of historic, social and cultural importance to New Brunswick.”