FREDERICTON (GNB) – NB Power, in cooperation with the province’s three municipal electric utilities, Efficiency NB and the provincial government has completed an Electricity Efficiency Plan. It will help New Brunswick households and businesses lower their electricity consumption and costs while decreasing the impact of energy use on the environment.  

"This new plan, which takes an integrated approach and follows government’s commitment under the New Brunswick Energy Blueprint,” said Energy and Mines Minister Craig Leonard. “It will result in significant economic, social and environmental benefits through an overall increase in efficiency spending measures that harness new, innovative energy technologies. New Brunswickers will also benefit from low and stable rates and reliability of supply.”

The three-year plan is designed to maximize benefits in the short term and establish a solid foundation for increased electricity efficiency investments in the future. It requires an investment of $57 million in electricity efficiency programs and will save 106 GWh and 18 MW of electricity annually by 2016/17, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 6,500 households.

“This plan puts on paper the province’s electric utilities’ vision for a comprehensive approach to electricity efficiency,” said NB Power president and CEO Gaëtan Thomas. “It paves the way for the integration of smart grid technologies and demand response programs, which will give customers more control over their electricity use and monthly power bills, as well as put more green energy on the grid while using less energy overall.”

The Electricity Efficiency Plan will also offer $18 million in incentives to New Brunswick consumers and businesses while generating $54 million of spending in electricity efficiency products and services.

“Efficiency NB is proud to be an integral part of the new Electricity Efficiency Plan,” said president and CEO of Efficiency NB Margaret-Ann Blaney. “The plan aligns with Efficiency NB’s existing initiatives, including our multi-fuel program introduced last fall to address the needs of low income homeowners. We will continue to work closely with NB Power and the municipal electric utilities to implement new programs and services, which help New Brunswickers save energy.”

The plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to meet the needs of utilities and their customers. Adjustments will be made to reflect changing technologies while taking into consideration market conditions.