FREDERICTON (GNB) – Emergency food assistance is available to those who remain without power following Tropical Storm Arthur.

“New Brunswick residents continue to cope with disruptions to their day-to-day routines caused by on-going power outages, and property damage,” said Social Development Minister Madeleine Dubé. “The effects of this storm have impacted many families and individuals, including those who normally do not receive support from Social Development, but now find themselves in need of temporary help.”

People receiving social assistance from the Department of Social Development who have been affected by the storm are encouraged to contact their case manager to discuss any immediate food needs.

Social Development has an agreement with the Canadian Red Cross to help provide emergency social services, including food, to people who are in immediate need following an emergency or disaster. 

Families or individuals can be assessed for emergency food assistance through the Canadian Red Cross if they:

  • do not have power;
  • have no food remaining in their home;
  • do not have a means of access to food, including non-perishable food items; and
  • are low-income.

The Canadian Red Cross has activated a toll-free phone number to assist people during this emergency. If you are without power and need food assistance, call 1-800-222-9597.

“Providing emergency food assistance to those still without power is a priority,” said Dubé.  “It will help individuals and families with the necessities during this time of need.”