FREDERICTON (GNB) – Information about wellfield and watershed areas in the province is now online, at the applications section of the GeoNB website.

"This application will help users determine if their property is located in a wellfield or watershed area," said Environment and Local Government Minister Danny Soucy. "It is important that New Brunswickers have access to this information to understand better our water resource."

The website is a collaboration between the Department of Environment and Local Government and Service New Brunswick. It enables users to click on a specific location and obtain wellfield and watershed information for that area.

"The GeoNB team developed this award-winning mapping technology to present and explain the diverse geography of our province," said Government Services Minister Sue Stultz, who is the minister responsible for Service New Brunswick. "GeoNB is adding new applications such as the new wellfield and watershed tools to make for a richer and more useful mapping system for all New Brunswickers."

The website offers two mapping layers that include a general description of each area; information about the characteristics of the wellfield or watershed; and links to applicable legislation.

The wellfield layer identifies the wellfield area boundaries of municipal or Crown-owned groundwater drinking-water supplies. It distinguishes between wellfields designated as protected areas under legislation and those defined but not currently designated.

The watershed layer identifies the watershed area boundaries of municipal surface water supplies. Currently all watersheds are designated as protected under legislation.

GeoNB is a collaborative effort of the provincial government aimed at improving access and use of geographic information as well as reducing duplication of effort and associated costs through the sharing of geographic data and infrastructure.

Further information about wellfields and watersheds is available from the regional offices of the Department of Environment and Local Government.