FREDERICTON (GNB) – The New Brunswick Electoral Boundaries and Representation Commission has responded to objections to its final report and has officially completed its mandate.

"This has been an intense but rewarding experience for all of us on the commission, and we are pleased to submit the new electoral boundaries map to New Brunswickers," said co-chairs Allan Maher and Annise Hébert Hollies.

The commission began its work in August 2012. It toured the province and held 50 hearings during two rounds of public consultations. It released a preliminary report on Jan. 17 of this year, followed by a final report on April 25. Today, the commission tabled an amended final report containing its responses to objections received in the 14 days following the release of its final report, in accordance with the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Act.

The commission received 23 objections, of which 20 were deemed admissible under the act. The commission responded favourably to three of those 20 objections:

●    a minor amendment to the boundary of the electoral district of New Maryland-Sunbury, which affected the adjoining districts of Kings-Centre, Charlotte The Iles and York;
●    the name of Electoral District #42, Fredericton-York, has been changed;
●    the name of Electoral District #43, Fredericton West-Hanwell, has been changed.

"We thank the many residents of New Brunswick who took the time to share their viewpoints with us,” Maher and Hollies said. “While we were not able to respond favourably to all requests we receive, it is apparent that interest in our democratic process is very much alive and well."

In accordance with Section 4 (2) of the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Commission Act, the commission, having completed its mandate, is now dissolved. As such, there will be no further comment from the commission.

The complete report and responses to the objections received are on the commission's website.