MONCTON (CNB) – A new state-of-the art high school will replace Moncton High School. Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Jody Carr, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams and officials from the District 2 Education Council made the announcement today.

The school will open in 2013. The specific location and design of the school as well as accompanying green space will be determined in consultation with School District 2 and parents.

"The school will provide anglophone high school students in Moncton with a modern and dynamic learning environment, complete with all the tools their teachers require to provide an enriched educational experience," said Carr.

While the school is being built, the Department of Supply and Services will seek proposals from prospective developers and community-based organizations interested in using Moncton High School.

"The provincial government understands how important Moncton High School is to the community of Moncton," said Williams. "Our goal is to preserve this building for the enjoyment of future generations."

Carr announced that $2 million in necessary remediation will be undertaken this year to permit students, teachers and support staff to return safely to Moncton High School this fall.

The school will be fully inspected before students return, and an additional on-site maintenance person will be hired to work within Moncton High while the new school is being built.

A Moncton High School transition committee will be established to ensure all stakeholders are kept fully engaged with regular maintenance and monitoring. The committee will include representatives from a variety of groups such as School District 2, WorkSafe New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the parent school support committee and the provincial government.

"I understand the uncertainty surrounding the future of Moncton High School has been challenging for everyone impacted by the unexpected closure of the school last fall," said Carr. "My three goals remain, which are:
1.    To build a new Moncton High School as quickly as possible;
2.    To have the least impact on students, especially those at the elementary age; and
3.    To ensure the safe and healthy learning environment for all Moncton area students, teachers and support staff.

“I would like to commend all parties, in particular the Collaborative Working Group on a Contingency Plan in the event Moncton High School would not re-open in September 2011, and all students, parents, teachers and support staff for their patience and understanding throughout this process, and for being engaged in the development of tangible solutions."

The provincial government has set aside $10 million in the 2011-12 capital budget to begin planning and design work for the new school.

In addition, the departments of Education and Early Childhood Development and Supply and Services have launched a structural review of all provincial schools to ensure consistent planning for future school maintenance and repair.