PENNFIELD RIDGE (CNB) – A site in the Pennfield Ridge area with potentially significant archaeological content for New Brunswick has been uncovered by the Department of Transportation.

The location where the artifacts were found was being evaluated as part of a required archaeological survey under the ongoing Route 1 Gateway Project. Department of Transportation environmental consultants were carrying out this work.

The Department of Transportation has asked the developer to secure the site and is collaborating with the Archaeological Services Unit of the Heritage Branch, Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, to undertake a further assessment to determine the extent of the site. This assessment will take a minimum of two weeks.

The provincial government has sent a letter to the Office of the Passamaquoddy Nation, the Maliseet Advisory Committee on Archaeology and the Union of New Brunswick Indians to make them aware of the discovery.

All pre-construction activities have been suspended in the immediate area pending the results of this field study.