FREDERICTON (CNB) – Lansbridge University will no longer be able to operate as a post-secondary degree-granting institution in New Brunswick following the revocation of its designation permitting it to offer an online Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree, an Executive MBA degree as well as a joint Executive MBA and Master of Science program.  

Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault made the recommendation to the provincial government after reviewing a number of assessments conducted by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) and evidence collected by independent inspectors engaged by the department.  

"The action taken by government was necessary to protect students," said Arseneault. "We have an obligation to ensure that our online universities offer high-quality programs. We have a number of other online universities operating in the province that offer quality programming, and, as such, we must ensure standards are upheld across the board."

To balance the interests of the students with that of the institution, Lansbridge University was provided with ample time and opportunity to correct existing deficiencies. Following two failed institutional reviews, a subsequent onsite inspection found that Lansbridge University was still non-compliant and significantly sub-standard, and as a result, did not meet the standards outlined in the Degree Granting Act and regulations.

Lansbridge University was one of four online degree-granting universities operating in New Brunswick. The three others have undergone independent reviews by the MPHEC, and all have met quality standards consistent with similar reviews in Canada.

To ensure the protection of students, the department will hire a registrar and an inspector to help oversee the wind-down of programs offered by Lansbridge University. The registrar will help those students unable to complete their program of studies by offering to place them in compatible programs offered by other institutions. The inspector will oversee, on behalf of the department, the entire process to ensure Lansbridge University complies with the revocation of its designation.

According to a report submitted by the institution, about 170 students are enrolled in online training, of whom 155 are Canadian; none is believed to be from New Brunswick. Lansbridge University must wait one year before applying for re-instatement of its designation.