FREDERICTON (CNB) - A recommendation by the Toponymy Steering Committee to rename the community officially known as Blanchard Settlement as Village-Blanchard has been accepted. Wellness, Culture and Sport Minister Hédard Albert made the announcement today.

"I am happy to announce that the name Blanchard Settlement will be francized to Village-Blanchard," Albert said. "This name change reflects the socio-linguistic context on the Acadian Peninsula. What is more, the predominantly francophone population in that region recognizes the French name and has been using it since its origins. Giving this dispersed rural community a French name is therefore very important and will be reflected in the Gazetteer of Canada."

The Toponymy Steering Committee is composed of representatives of the province's anglophone, francophone and First Nations communities.

The committee is a public mechanism that allows members of interested communities to participate in the identification and establishment of placenames throughout New Brunswick.