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The Government of New Brunswick established the Economic Growth Plan to guide the province in growing our economy and creating new jobs for New Brunswickers. The plan outlines a number of key opportunities in different industries, including the safe and responsible development of natural resources. The Sisson Molybdenum/Tungsten Mine has been selected in the Economic Growth Plan as an opportunity to pursue.

The project has the potential to have a significant economic impact on the province. It is anticipated that during the 24-month development process Sisson Partnership will invest $579 million and bring approximately 500 jobs to our province. Estimated revenue for the province during the construction phase is $20 million.

Over the 27-year life of the mine, the province estimates revenues from the mine to amount to $26 million annually. In total, the province estimates $280 million in mineral royalties to New Brunswick, as well as $245 million in tax revenues. The creation of 300 jobs has been projected in addition to spin-off jobs in the supply and service sectors. The Sisson Mine project will also enhance New Brunswick’s reputation as a desirable destination for responsible resource development.

The provincial government completed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in 2015 which included public consultations. The EIA was approved by the province in December that year, however it was subject to 40 conditions.  

The government consulted all 15 First Nations in New Brunswick between 2011 and 2015. The Crown has a duty to consult and, where appropriate, accommodate First Nations on projects that might adversely impact potential or established Aboriginal or Treaty Rights.

In February 2017, the province came to an accommodation agreement with the six Maliseet First Nations. The agreement included:

  • An accommodation payment of $3 million upon approval of the federal environment assessment;
  • The purchase of suitable freehold lands at a cost of $1.5 million to compensate for the area lost;
  • Training and education opportunities with Sisson for Maliseet First Nations;
  • A revenue sharing formula applied to the $280 million projected over the project’s lifetime.

The federal regulatory amendment process to Schedule 2 of the Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulation (Fisheries Act) to authorize the use of water frequented by fish for mine waste disposal is ongoing as of August 2018.

In June 2017 the Sisson Mine Project environmental assessment received federal approval. The project has also received authorization from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Natural Resources Canada.

The Sisson property is located on Crown land in central New Brunswick near the communities of Napadogan, Juniper and Stanley. It is situated within the Nashwaak Watershed in an area where logging activities have been supported for over a century. The property contains more than 200 tonnes of tungsten and molybdenum resources that were initially discovered in 1978. The known ore body is a large volume near-surface deposit amenable to open pit mining.

The Sisson Partnership is owned by the Vancouver corporation Northcliff Resources Ltd. and Todd Minerals Ltd. from New Zealand.


Updated: August 2018


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