FREDERICTON (GNB) – Lt.-Gov. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau is asking residents to show compassion, co-operation and kindness as thousands of people deal with spring flooding.

She is urging people to help when and how they can.

“Check on your neighbours, lend a helping hand, make a donation if you are able,” said Roy Vienneau. “The high water has affected many people in ways far worse than they ever expected. Some have been displaced. Others have lost belongings.”

New Brunswick’s Emergency Measures Organization predicts the flooding conditions may worsen before they get better.

“New Brunswickers have always helped one another in times of need,” said Roy Vienneau. “I hope we can all show some extra kindness and generosity ‎as some citizens face difficulties this spring.”

She suggests helping those in need by volunteering to get groceries, by offering a drive or making a donation to the New Brunswick branch of the Canadian Red Cross.

“I also want to thank those individuals, organizations and businesses which have gone above and beyond in offering assistance,” said Roy Vienneau. “There are still needs to be addressed, and there will be more once the water subsides.”