Government of New Brunswick


Working collaboratively with government, violence prevention networks and a provincial advisory committee, the strategy uses a grass roots approach to effectively identify community needs and implement community responses to sexual assault.




Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (FSACC) in partnership with the Branch and in collaboration with the advisory committee to the Provincial Strategy on Sexual Assault Services uses a grass roots approach with government, violence prevention networks, service providers, front-line and community workers to respond to the issue of sexual assault. A community based model to phase in sexual assault services aims to provide core sexual assault services to all New Brunswick women.

The regional family violence networks and domestic violence outreach workers form a collaborative body with an advisory committee of service providers and community workers to implement the strategy. The strategy addresses the immediate needs and concerns of victims of sexual assault yet recognizes there may be long-term effects of sexual assault on the victim that require specialized service.

Priority areas include:
• Provincial coordination of community-based sexual assault services such as provincial awareness activities and coordinating activities of the Provincial Advisory Committee
• Establish a comprehensive network of 24 hour community-based crisis support and training for crisis interveners
• Training for service providers such as Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training (SACIT); Mentor SACIT facilitators; Facilitator training for “The Empowerment Project” and “Man to Man” toolkits and identify training needs for community-based professional sexual assault counseling.

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