FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial and federal governments are investing in gender-based violence crisis lines as part of a plan to foster safer communities in New Brunswick.

The investment of $700,000 announced today aims to help crisis hotlines offer more robust services, resources and support to meet the urgent needs of those experiencing gender-based violence and their families, no matter where they live in the province.

“Collectively we have the same goal and commitment of one day ending gender-based violence,” said Sherry Wilson, minister responsible for women’s equality. “Investing in existing gender-based violence crisis lines is one example of the steps we are taking to create safer communities. We acknowledge New Brunswick has seen an increase of intimate partner violence against women and girls, which is the largest increase among the provinces. We believe that access to crisis line support is an important connection to help these women and girls in need.”

Crisis hotlines are a lifeline for survivors of gender-based violence and are critical support services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for these services significantly increased across Canada, and this demand continues today.

“Today’s announcement brings us one step closer to a safer Canada for everyone,” said federal Women and Gender Equality and Youth Minister Marci Ien. “Crisis hotlines are a lifeline for women and families fleeing violence because they serve as a connection to safe resources. This funding will help New Brunswick enhance the existing critical supports and services across the province and help people who are experiencing gender-based violence.”

Funding will support crisis lines until March 31, 2026.

This announcement supports the National Action Plan to End Gender-based Violence agreed to in November 2022 by federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for the status of women.

Through the Women’s Equality Branch, the provincial government has committed more than $4.7 million in violence prevention initiatives, providing funding to more than 30 organizations.