FREDERICTON (GNB) – Gender Equality scholarships have been awarded to 40 students entering New Brunswick's community colleges and private career colleges.

"It is encouraging seeing so many deserving students earning Gender Equality scholarships," said
Justice Minister and Attorney General Marie-Claude Blais, who is also minister responsible for women's equality. “By entering into non-traditional careers, these students are breaking the male or female dominance of certain professions in the New Brunswick workforce, and for that I commend them. We need trained, motivated and talented young people to be partners with us in growing our economy."

The scholarship was launched in 2006, and it has since been awarded to 380 students entering a community college or private career college in New Brunswick. It is intended to encourage women and men to seek careers in trades, technology and other sectors where their participation has traditionally been limited. The program, valued at $125,000, awards scholarships of up to $2,500 to help offset tuition costs.

"The Women's Equality Branch demonstrates its commitment to gender equality and to reducing the wage gap by providing financial assistance to students in non-traditional areas of study," said Blais. "Every year, as these graduates enter the workforce, we make strides in changing societal attitudes and beliefs about the place and value of women and men in the workplace."

Scholarship recipients

New Brunswick Community College, Fredericton campus

●    Kara Nicholson, York County, Civil Engineering Technology.
●    Andrea Lynn Vetter, Fredericton, Civil Engineering Technology.
●    Christiaan Nyenhuis, Geary, Licensed Practical Nurse.
●    Kameron Lebel, Fredericton, Licensed Practical Nurse.
●    Deepa Nambiar, Fredericton, Information Technology.
●    Sheila Enshil Son, Fredericton, Civil Engineering Technology.

New Brunswick Community College, Miramichi campus

●    Catherine Doyle, Chaplin Island, Electrical.
●    Alicia MacDonald, Bathurst, Electronic Game Design.
●    Jena Price, Miramichi, Carpentry.

New Brunswick Community College, Moncton campus

●    Patricia Jeanine Holmes, Moncton, Civil Engineering Technology.
●    Susan Fudge, Moncton, Civil Engineering Technology.
●    Meaghan Olmstead, Grand Bay-Westfield, Electrical Engineering Technology.
●    Lisanne Foget, Moncton, Information Technology.
●    Janick Donelle, Grand-Digue, Civil Engineering Technology.
●    Josée Cormier, Saint-Paul, Civil Engineering Technology.

New Brunswick Community College, Saint John campus

●    Joscelyne Wallace, Saint John, Electrical Engineering Technology.
●    Laura Marie Nurse, Saint John, Energy Systems Technology.
●    Krista Dixon, Saint John, Electrical Engineering Technology.
●    Jonathan Maude, Saint John, Licensed Practical Nurse.
●    Jawahara Syed, Saint John, Electrical Engineering Technology.
●    Alexa Bailey, Belledune, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
●    Elizabeth Landry, Saint John, Energy Systems Technology.
●    Betty Jo Amirault, Saint John, Process Control Technician.
●    Tiffany Goguen, Saint John, Electrical Engineering Technology.
●    Shelley Marr, Saint John, Welding.
●    Michelle Dawn Bent, Saint John, Power Engineering Technology.
●    Haley A. Shanks, Richibucto Road, Electrical.

New Brunswick Community College, Woodstock campus

●    Ashley Bent, Centreville, Bricklaying.
●    Trina Gerhardt, Carlingford, Carpentry.

Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, Edmundston campus

●    Jessica Pouliot, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, Charpenterie.
●    Karine Martin, Saint-Joseph-de-Madawaska, Techniques correctionnelles.
●    Bobby Bossé, Edmundston, Gestion de bureau.

Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, Bathurst campus

●    Diana Mallet, Rocheville, Technologie de l'ingénierie du bâtiment.
●    Christine Losier, Moncton, Mécanique de l'automobile.

Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, Dieppe campus

●    Josée Goguen, Cocagne, Techniques correctionnelles.
●    Amélie Boudreau, Bathurst, Techniques Policières.

Centre for Arts and Technology

●    Kelly-Anne Stokes, Saint John, Audio Engineering and Production.

Oulton College

●    Tiffany Levesque, Saint-André, Policing and Corrections Foundation.
●    Alisha Carrier, Moncton, Policing and Corrections Foundation.

BayTech College

●    Jessica Warren, Riverview, Electrician.


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●    Women's Equality Branch