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Trades & Tech Career Exploration for Girls are designed to introduce young women in high school to careers in the skill trades and technology sectors.

Trades & Tech Career Exploration for Girls is a day that fosters a positive environment in which young women have the opportunity to hear speakers discuss the rewards and challenges of their chosen career path, and to connect with mentors from their community. Mentors provide students with advice, guidance and inspiration by sharing their experiences. Girls leave feeling empowered and informed about non-traditional careers.




Coming Fall 2020




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“You don't hear much about this (trades) compared to universities and I learned many things I didn't know!”
-Student Participant

“It really helped me have a different view on engineering and other career choices”
- Student Participant



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" Uplifting, inspiring and eye opener!”
- Student Participant

" If girls were interested in other career choice or not sure as of what they would like to do I would suggestion this event to them "
- Student Participant





For more information or to register for an upcoming event, contact:

Tammy McDonald, Program Advisor

Women’s Equality Branch
Economic Security (Unit)

551 King Street, Suite A
PO Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1
Phone: (506) 462-5910