FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government introduced amendments to the Financial Administration Act today that would prohibit any special pensions or payments to staff during transitions in government leadership.

“Your government is taking action to fix the problem of outgoing governments of the past awarding special pensions or payments to staff after an election,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “Prohibiting these special pensions or payments is the right thing to do.”

These amendments would ensure that, during a change in leadership, the government would not be able to provide a payment that is greater than the individual is entitled to under his or her legislated pension plans and his or her terms and conditions of employment.

“We are making historic changes through legislation to ensure this does not happen again,” said Treasury Board President Roger Melanson. “We pride ourselves in creating a culture of equality, fairness and transparency.”

Since legislation is already in place to ensure the terms and conditions of various pension plans are respected, these amendments are aimed at eliminating any benefits that may be perceived as a “special pension.”

These amendments would apply to employees in all parts of the public service, excluding bargaining employees who would continue to be subject to their collective agreements.