FREDERICTON (GNB) – The Treasury Board filed Public Accounts 2015-16 - Volume II and the Unaudited Supplementary Employee and Supplier lists with the clerk of the legislative assembly today.

“We are pleased to release this information at the time of year it is normally filed,” said Treasury Board President Roger Melanson. “We believe it is important for New Brunswickers to have access to this information in the interest of transparency and accountability.”

Volume II contains unaudited supplementary information to the government’s audited consolidated financial statements (Public Accounts Volume I). The information includes:

  • detailed information on supplementary appropriations;
  • detailed information on funded debt;
  • general sinking fund financial statements;
  • summary statements for revenue and expenditure;
  • five-year comparative statements of revenue and expenditure, net debt and change in accumulated deficit; and
  • detailed revenue and expenditure by budgetary account for each government department.  

In conjunction with Volume II, the Office of the Comptroller publishes the following information online: 

  • salaries and retirement allowance / severance payments for employees of departments, government Crown corporations, and other government organizations.
  • ministerial remuneration.
  • supplier and grant payments, loan disbursements and payments through purchase cards issued by each individual department.
  • combined supplier and grant payments, and payments through purchase cards, issued by all departments and a number of government agencies.

Public Accounts 2015-16 - Volume II is available online.