Government of New Brunswick

The process to update your tourism product information is easily done through our Tourism Self Serve (TSS) platform. It is available for you to go in to review your current profile information. This information is used for the annual Touring Guide and consumer website. You will be notified by e-mail when it is time to undertake a regular, annual update of your information in the spring for next year’s information. If you are not signed in to use the Tourism Self Serve application, contact Anne Guimond for assistance.

Please note that Basic and Enhanced Listings are profiled differently in the touring guide as well as on the consumer website. Regardless of how you are profiled, updating your full product information is still required for online search purposes. 

If you want additional information on how to change your profile from Basic to Enhanced and other Marketing Opportunities, please contact Steve Thompson at Hawk Marketing Services at 506-877-1525 (office), or at 506-378-4423 (cell), or at [email protected] or Chris Legacy at 506-877-1440 (office), or at 506-961-2078 (cell), or at [email protected].