Government of New Brunswick

Eligible: Expenses incurred at NB Businesses

  • Hotel, Motel, B&B, Inns, Cottages or Cabins (\that are found on recognized websites)
  • Campgrounds (provincial, national or private)
  • Glamping/Ch-A-lets/Yurts, etc.
  • Dock fees at a marina for overnight stays
  • Houseboat rentals
  • All shared economy rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) found on the following sites:

Ineligible: Expenses incurred that are not from a New Brunswick

  • Expenses that are not from a New Brunswick business
  • Staying at a friend or relative’s house
  • Recreational Vehicle operations and maintenance costs
  • Seasonal camping fees
  • Dog Kennel Expenses
  • Accommodations listed only on Facebook Marketplace and/or Kijiji
  • Self-isolation stays at designated hotels are not eligible for the Explore NB Travel Incentive rebate.

Eligible: Expenses incurred for:

  • Food purchased from a restaurant
  • Beverages purchased from a restaurant providing they accompany a food purchase
  • Beverages purchase at a distillery, as long as it accompanies a food purchase
  • Food truck or food stand purchases
  • Delivery fees
  • Tips

Ineligible: Expenses incurred for:

  • Groceries
  • Tobacco
  • Cannabis products
  • Alcohol not purchased with a meal

Eligible: Expenses incurred for:

Entry fees to:

  • Attractions such as Hopewell Rocks and Kings Landing, etc.
  • Waterparks, theme parks
  • Musical, theatrical or Cultural events
  • Sports events
  • Beer, wine or spirit tasting festivals and tours
  • Movie theatre tickets
  • Museums, arts or craft galleries
  • Gardens (botanical or horticultural)
  • Zoos, aquaria or nature and wildlife preserves
  • Parks or heritage sites

Sports and Leisure

  • Rental of kayaks, canoes or bikes
  • Golf green fees or mini-putt
  • Golf simulators, bowling or laser tag
  • Climbing walls or trampoline parks
  • Horseback riding

Outdoor adventure

  • Fat biking
  • Whale-watching or fishing excursions
  • Fishing and hunting packages
  • TreeGo, TimberTop, zip lines
  • Go-karts


  • Packages that include accommodations or a paid overnight stay
  • Tours – eco, walking, haunted, nature, historical
  • Esthetics (spas, manicures, pedicures, skin care, hair care, massage)
  • Food festivals
  • Escape rooms or board game cafes
  • Multi-day hiking or kayaking excursions with a tour company.
  • Activity-based workshops

Ineligible: Expenses and related expenditures:

  • Purchase of clothing/equipment such as backpacks, hiking boots, etc.
  • Supplies such as first aid kits, etc.
  • Souvenirs
  • Summer, camps
  • Provincial and National Seasonal Park Pass

Eligible: Expenses incurred for:

  • Vehicle and RV rental
  • Ferries within New Brunswick such as Grand Manan and Campobello Island
  • Parking
  • Bus and taxi fares
  • Airline tickets
  • Bridge tolls 


Ineligible: Expenses incurred for:

  • Purchase of gasoline
  • Repair or maintenance costs
  • Insurance of personal vehicle
  • CAA
  • Use of non-commercial vehicle (mileage)