Government of New Brunswick


Provides support to established and emerging institutions to develop effective leadership, sound management practices, diverse financial resources and successful partnerships. Applicants are asked to identify appropriate, realistic strategies for developing individual and organizational skills as well as demonstrate readiness to undertake capacity building activities. Consultation services, financial assistance and some office administrative services are available to assist and support local and regional organizations’ efforts to become more effective and better prepared to fulfill their mandate.


Not-for profit organization, local community sport or recreation organization and municipalities.


This component of the program supports activities that develop individual and organizational skills across operational areas such as internal governance and leadership, planning, professional development, financial and resource management, resource development, marketing and promotion, program development, evaluation and assessment, information technology and partnership development . Applicants are encouraged to make a long-term commitment to continuous improvement and to develop skills that result in benefits not only for the applicant but also for the larger community.

**Funding application must be received by March 15th of each year to remain eligible for consideration

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