Government of New Brunswick


The Trail Infrastructure Fund provides funding for initiatives that support the development, maintenance and sustainability of trails. Proposals are evaluated using Provincial Trails Market-Readiness Criteria and The New Brunswick Trails Action Plan ideals of establishing a strategically located, safe and sustainable provincial trail network.


Applications will be accepted from the following organizations:

1. Snowmobile Trails – Snowmobile-Motoneige NB
2. Quad/ATV Trails – Quad NB
3. Greenway (Non-Motorized) Trails – Local governments, First Nations and duly constituted not-for-profit organizations

Proposals should meet or have the potential to meet Provincial Trails Market-Readiness Criteria. Eligible greenway (non-motorized) projects may be found in the Trail Infrastructure Fund - Greenway Component Guidelines.


The general objectives of this program are to support the development of a provincial trail network that boosts local economies through linked destination touring routes, increases opportunities for outdoor recreation and enhances health and well-being.


Trail Infrastructure Funding for snowmobile and Quad/ATV trails is available to the appropriate provincial organizations yearly.

Trail Infrastructure Funding for greenway (non-motorized) trails is available to eligible organizations annually on a first come first serve basis. Only one application per organization will be supported in any given fiscal year. Assistance is based on need and will support up to 50% of eligible costs.

Application Process:

To apply for Trail Infrastructure Funding for motorized trails, please complete the Trail Infrastructure Fund application form and submit it to the appropriate trail user group.

Those wishing to apply for Trail Infrastructure Funding for greenway (non-motorized) trails must contact the regional sport and recreation office in their area to begin the application process. Contact information can be found here:

Please, refer to the Trail Infrastructure Fund - Greenway Component Guidelines for additional details on eligibility, criteria, and other requirements for this program.

For more information, please contact Trails Coordinator, Michelle DeCourcey at