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The Mountain Bike and Ski Park


All New Brunswickers and out of province visitors.


Situated in New Brunswick’s Appalachian Mountain region, Sugarloaf Provincial Park is the perfect destination for a family-friendly getaway or wilderness adventure.

Hike to the summit of Sugarloaf Park’s 305-m (1,000-ft.) mountain and see the city of Campbellton below. The junction of Chaleur Bay and the Restigouche River create a waterscape of exceptional beauty, and the rolling hills of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec on the other side of the water will have you in awe.
Sugarloaf’s downhill bike park offers Atlantic Canada’s only lift-service mountain bike park. The park’s spacious ski lodge features a licensed restaurant.

In the winter you will find 12 alpine ski trails from beginner to expert and one terrain park. Over 25 km groomed cross-country ski trails, expertly laid out around beautiful Prichard Lake. Ski shop rents and sells complete sets of equipment and accessories (alpine skiing, snowboarding, snow blades and some cross-country skiing equipment).

Groomed snowmobile trail system, which connects to all provincial trails. Try snowshoeing on marked trails near our campground. Go tobogganing and tube sliding on the hill or skating on lighted outdoor natural pond.
The Park is situated off Route 11 in the City of Campbellton.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
2020 Provincial Park Campsite Fees,


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is included in all the fees listed below:
Camping (daily) per site
  Unserviced sites do not include any services31.002020-03-10
  Sites with electricity include electricity and/or water34.002020-03-10
  Full service sites include electricity, water and sewage40.002020-03-10
  Group Camping per tent15.002020-03-10
  Senior citizens entitled to a 10% reduction to the above fees, except for group campsite fee10 % discount/réduction2009-04-01
  Rustic shelters60.002020-03-10
  Wilderness campsites19.002020-03-10
  Back country12.002020-03-10
  Additional overnight visitor to a site7.002020-03-10
  Winter Camping (per night)10.002021-01-14
  Seasonal Winter Camping (from the period of November 1 to April 30 of the following year)240.002021-01-14
  Monthly fee - with electricity910.002021-01-14
  Dumping Station20.00 per use2021-01-14
  Kitchen Shelter Rentals (where available) 50.002021-01-08
  Camping lay-over (where available) 50.00 per week / per semaine2021-01-08
Camping (seasonal) per site 2021-01-08
  Unserviced 1520.002020-03-10
  Electrical 1900.002020-03-10
Ski Lift Pass 2020-03-10
  Daily fee (Open to 5:00 p.m.) Adult 30.002021-01-08
  Daily fee (Open to 5:00 p.m.), Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over25.002021-01-08
  Daily fee (Open to 5:00 p.m.) Senior (65 years and over) 25.002021-01-08
  Evening fee (5:00 p.m. to close) Adult 20.002021-01-08
  Evening fee (5:00 p.m. to close), Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over 15.002021-01-08
  Evening Fee (5:00 p.m. to close) Senior (65+) 15.002021-01-08
  Daily and Evening fee/ (Open to Close on Saturdays) Adult 40.752021-01-08
  Daily and Evening fee (Open to Close on Saturdays) Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over 30.002021-01-08
  Daily and Evening fee (Open to Close on Saturdays) Senior (65+) 30.002021-01-08
  Seasonal Ski Lift - Adult 320.002021-01-08
  Seasonal Ski Lift – Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over 264.502021-01-08
  Seasonal Ski Lift – Family (4 persons) 900.002021-01-08
  Each additionial child 50.002021-01-08
  Corporate Season pass 375.002021-01-08
  Season Ski Lift - Senior (65 years of age and over) 230.002021-01-08
  Pre-season pass 250.002021-01-08
  Pre-season pass, youth 6-19 & Students 19 and over 200.002021-01-08
  Pre-season pass - Senior (65 years and over) 200.002021-01-08
  School Classes Accompanied by an Adult (Open to 5:00 p.m.) weekdays except statutory holidays / per student 5.002021-01-08
  School Classes Accompanied by an Adult (Open to 5:00 p.m.) weekends and statutory holidays / per student 11.152021-01-08
Mountain Bike Park2021-01-08
  1/2 Day fee (3:00 to 7:00 p.m.) Adult 25.002021-01-08
  1/2 Day fee (3:00 to 7:00 p.m.)/ Youth 6-18 years & Student 19 years and over 20.002021-01-08
  Daily (Open to Close) Adult 30.002021-01-08
  Daily (Open to Close)/ Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over 25.002021-01-08
  Group Daily Fee -Adult - groups of 20 or more 20.002021-01-08
  Group Daily fee - Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over& senior (65+) - Groups of 20 or more 16.002021-01-08
  Group Evening fee - Adult -groups of 20 or more 15.002021-01-08
  Group Evening fee - Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over & Seniors (65+) - groups of 20 or more 12.002021-01-08
  Corporate Season's pass 375.002021-01-08
  Season Pass (After April 15th) 200.002021-01-08
  1-way Chairlift pass 5.002021-01-08
  Pre-season pass (On or before April 15th) 175.002021-01-08
  Daily bike rental package - adult - high performance 125.002021-01-08
  Daily bike rental package - Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over - high performance 115.002021-01-08
  Daily bike rental package - adult - regular downhill bike 95.002021-01-08
  Daily bike rental package - Youth 6-18 & Student 19 and over 75.002021-01-08
  Regular bike rental 1 hour 15.002021-01-08
  Regular bike rental 2 hour 25.002021-01-08
  Regular bike rental 3 hour 35.002021-01-08
  Regular bike rental 24 hour 50.002021-01-08
  Full face helmet rental (per day) 15.002021-01-08
  Full face helmet & body armour package rental (per day) 25.002021-01-08
  Regular helmet rental (per day) 10.002021-01-08
  Body armour rental (per day) 15.002021-01-08
Event Fees (where available) 2021-01-08
  25 people or less50.002021-01-08
  25-100 people 100.002021-01-08
  Over 100 peopleApplication2021-01-08
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