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La Patente is a party! It's also a new group made up of musicians who have proven their talent. Four Acadians from Madawaska gathered in Fredericton for work... and music. La Patente's first album, "L'Illusion d'la perfection", includes 11 original songs, all in French. The artists describe the album as "100% Brayon, unfiltered, taking influences from all over the musical spectrum". The acoustic music draws inspiration from styles such as country, Cajun, folk, blues and even punk rock in some respects. La Patente offers songs that transport you into the world of the common man and his demons. These are authentic texts that strike the heart. Realities that touch, stories that we know, moments when we are looking for another life, but at the same time, when we count ourselves lucky to live our own... even if we find it too fast! La Patente is also a lot of humor. And it's mostly good guys who offer a great party on stage, who can play for hours without getting tired, and who find that doing a show that lasts only an hour and a half is "not offering a full service"... if they could, they would still be on stage! Even though their first record was only released in November 2021, a 2nd record is already in the works for August 2022. The artists: Marc Colecchio, Mathieu Émond, Marc-André Godin and Jeremy Ouellette.