SHEDIAC (GNB) – The provincial government is making improvements to Parlee Beach Road, which is the main access road to Parlee Beach Provincial Park. The project includes a complete rebuild and resurfacing, plus a new multi-use trail that will span the 1.8 kilometres from the entrance to the parking lot.

“We are pleased to invest in Parlee Beach Provincial Park to improve access to this very popular tourism destination,” said Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister Bruce Fitch. “The park welcomes more than 300,000 visitors annually. Despite the pandemic having a major impact on our tourism sector, we expect that many New Brunswickers will come for a great beach experience at Parlee Beach Provincial Park.”

The road will be closed to the public until the project is completed, which is expected to be around June 26. Gould Beach Road will be used as a detour to allow access to the park.

Parlee Beach Provincial Park is scheduled to open on May 22. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the park will operate with reduced services in accordance with Public Health guidelines. This will require all patrons to practise physical distancing and follow any restrictions that may be in place.

“Parlee Beach is one of North America’s finest beaches. It is a provincial wonder to be enjoyed by all – and discovered by New Brunswickers who have not had a chance to experience it,” said Fitch. “The park’s seaside campground boasts more than 210 campsites on a beautifully groomed property.”