Government of New Brunswick

What is it?

Heritage Fairs is a provincial event that takes place in schools for Grades 5 to 9 where students present their research projects and the best Heritage research projects presented will be recognized.

  • All projects must have a New Brunswick or Canadian Heritage theme and entail some research conducted by the participants. Project can be specific to one time-period or display a thematic development or progression.
  • Students may prepare projects as individuals or in groups
  • Students provide written research that was undertaken in developing their projects
  • Students present their displays at scheduled times during the course of the School or Regional Fair.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to use digital technologies (interactive presentation, video, etc.) to present their project.

Heritage Fair projects may include (but not limited to) : Models, caricatures, posters, objects, maps, demonstrations, crafts, artistic displays, short stories and heritage journal writing, poetry, theatrical scripts, Debates and public speaking, dramatic productions, music, dance, computer presentations, video “heritage minutes” production, video “documentary or journalist” production, oral interviews, photography exhibits, etc.


Program objectives

Heritage Fairs is created to celebrate and promote the diversity of New Brunswick and Canadian cultural and natural heritage through research.

  • Students are invite to explore their NB heritage and identify a topic or subject of interest relating to it.
  • Students must identify why this topic is significant to New Brunswick/Canada as well its importance for them.
  • Students will experience the reality of conducting historical/ethnological research using reliable historical sources.
  • Students must summarize the results of their research in a visual and oral presentation to develop skills related to public speaking and presentation.

How does it work?

  1. A school coordinator, a teacher, or another school staff member takes the initiative to plan and coordinate a Heritage Fair in their school (or classroom) and completes the form to register the school before January 20, 2023.
  2. The school coordinator and teachers advise and support students to help them select a research subject.
  3. The students conduct historical/ethnological research to define their topic, find sources of information (including books, newspaper/magazine articles, oral history interviews, maps, videos, field observations, etc.) and summarize their findings in a visual and oral presentation.
  4. The students present their project in front of the class, or an audience and are evaluated by a teacher or a jury. The best projects will be registered for the Regional Heritage Fairs by the school coordinator or teacher.
  5. The Regional Coordinator plans and prepares the Regional Heritage Fair where students of the district will present their project to a jury.
  6. The jury will award regional and provincial awards to the best projects. The best project of the Regional Fair will be selected to participate in the Provincial Showcase.
  7. At the Provincial Showcase, the winners of the provincial level from each regional fair will be invited to present their project to the honorary patron of the program, the Lieutenant Governor, and participate in a medal ceremony.

What are the benefits?

Heritage Fairs help students to foster, develop, and celebrate higher-order thinking skills; research, creativity, writing, problem solving, critical thinking, exchange, experimentation, innovation, invention, perseverance, artistic and kinaesthetic expression.

Heritage Fairs inspire a passion for learning; a sense of pride and belonging; develop a better self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment; connections with communities, past and present; an appreciation for the province of New Brunswick.


When do you start?

Start right now! Register your school by completing the form and submit it to [email protected] before January 20th, 2023. Projects can be started anytime during the months leading up to your school fair which can be held between mid-February and mid-April.