Government of New Brunswick

Heritage Fairs . . .

  • are for all students;
  • may be undertaken by an entire school, a class, in small groups, or individually;
  • may take place in the classroom, in the community or in another setting;
  • can happen anytime during the school year.

What is it?

The New Brunswick Heritage Fairs Program is a provincial initiative of Heritage Branch in the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.  Support is also provided from New Brunswick’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the New Brunswick Museum, New Brunswick`s Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, the Council of Archives New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, the New Brunswick Federation of Labour, New Brunswick’s Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat, and the University of New Brunswick (Faculty of Education). 


An invitation to teachers

Heritage Fairs are an opportunity to include your entire school in an educational, dynamic and exciting event! By participating in the program, teachers from all departments (social studies, history, language arts, core language and immersion, science and technology, math, sports and recreation, multi-media, art, music, enrichment etc.) encourage their students to learn more about their community while developing and expressing their creative talents. By putting together an interdisciplinary program in your school, your students will be proud to participate in your school's own unique Heritage Fair.

Help us give the opportunity to more and more students to participate in a Heritage Fair. This starts by holding a fair in your school (ideally during Heritage Week in February), and then joining the Regional Heritage Fair in your district in May.


When do I start?

Start right now! Projects can be undertaken anytime during the months leading up to your school fair in February or Regional Heritage Fair in May. The research, creation and presentation can be integrated into wherever it fits a particular teaching unit - whether social studies, history, language arts, core language and immersion, science and technology, multi-media, math, sports and recreation, art, music, enrichment.


What is considered a heritage fair project?

Heritage Fair projects may include (but are not limited to): Models; Caricatures; Posters; Collections; Maps; Demonstrations; Crafts; Artistic Displays; Short Stories and Heritage Journal Writing; Poetry; Theatrical Scripts; Debates and Public Speaking; Dramatic Productions; Music; Dance; Computer Presentations; Video "Heritage Minutes" Productions; Oral Interviews; Photography Exhibits… the possibilities are endless!

  • All projects must have a Canadian theme - history, geography or heritage - and entail some research conducted by the participants. Projects can be specific to one time-period or display a thematic development or progression.
  • Students may prepare projects as individuals or in groups.
  • Students provide written research that was undertaken in developing their projects.
  • Students present their displays at scheduled times during the course of the School or Regional Fair.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to use digital technologies (interactive presentation, video, etc.) to present their project.

What are the benefits?

Heritage Fairs help students to foster, develop, and celebrate higher order thinking skills; research; creativity; writing; problem solving; exchange; experimentation; innovation; invention; perseverance; artistic and kinaesthetic expression...

Heritage Fairs inspire a passion for learning; a sense of place and belonging; connections with communities, people and the past; an appreciation for New Brunswick history...

Heritage Fairs help students to believe in themselves and others!


How can our school participate?

Become involved by returning the Participation Form to Heritage and Archaeology Branch by January 31, 2022