Government of New Brunswick

The Heritage Education Section aims to increase knowledge and awareness of New Brunswick’s history and heritage resources by promoting understanding of cultural diversity and encouraging this diversity through the following activities.



Heritage Fairs

New Brunswick's Heritage Fair Program is part of a national education project developed to increase awareness and interest in Canadian history. In New Brunswick, the program is an initiative of the Heritage Branch in the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

Heritage Fairs are an opportunity to include your entire school in an educational, dynamic and exciting event! By participating in the program, teachers from all departments (social studies, history, language arts, core language and immersion, science and technology, math, sports and recreation, multi-media, art, music, enrichment etc.) encourage their students to learn more about their community while developing and expressing their creative talents. By putting together an interdisciplinary program in your school, your students will be proud to participate in your school's own unique Heritage Fair.

Small grants are provided to schools to cover related costs such as educational supplies, student prizes, and travel to Regional Heritage Fair sites. A Provincial Heritage Fair is also held each year in a different heritage location within New Brunswick.



Heritage Week

Heritage Week 2021, February 8 – 15
Exploring our Past and Re-imagining our Future

Each year, heritage groups, museums, communities, schools, access centres and libraries throughout New Brunswick celebrate the province's diverse heritage by hosting special activities during Heritage Week (the second week in February). In New Brunswick, 7 days are selected for Heritage Week - to include National Flag Day (February 15) and National Heritage Day (the third Monday in February).

New Brunswick’s department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture has promoted Heritage Week every year since 1994. As part of a provincial heritage education and promotion initiative, the department sets aside 7 days each year for the purpose of fostering partnerships and raising awareness of heritage within other branches of government as well as private and public sector agencies. The 7 days are chosen to include National Flag Day (February 15) and National Heritage Day.