Government of New Brunswick

More than one-third of New Brunswick’s present day population continues to live outside the boundaries of our cities, town and villages. Respect for the Province’s rural tradition runs deep in a great many unincorporated areas, and celebrations of local history often garner support from various nearby communities.

The Heritage Conservation Act makes it clear that heritage conservation is equally important in unincorporated areas, as it is within municipalities. When a special place is identified which reflects or captures a specific area’s past, the Act is designed to support local residents in preserving it as a valued resource.


Designation of Provincial Heritage Places

No matter where they choose to live, all residents of the Province have an opportunity under the provisions of the Act to submit a request to the Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture regarding designation of a Provincial Heritage Place in their own community.

Further information on the process involved in designating a Provincial Heritage Place can be accessed here. Such designations can have significant impact over time in conserving buildings, lands and other heritage resources at the location concerned.


Designation of Local Historic Places

The legislation also provides another option to recognize valued heritage resources in unincorporated areas, through the designation of a Local Historic Place by the Minister.

Emphasizing a cooperative, community-based approach, the process required in this instance includes obtaining approval from the property owner concerned, as well as support from other local interests such as a heritage organization, a local service district advisory committee, a First Nation band council, or a district planning commission.

The Heritage Branch of the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture welcomes enquires regarding the identification and protection of heritage resources in all unincorporated areas throughout the Province.