Government of New Brunswick

Protecting unique places throughout New Brunswick which capture and reflect our provincial heritage is fundamentally important under the Heritage Conservation Act. To advance this objective, the Act creates the opportunity for Ministerial designation of such locations as Provincial Heritage Places.

Designations of this kind formally establish a special mechanism for conservation of buildings, lands and other heritage resources in the specified place. Engaging the public directly in identifying places of exceptional heritage value, and developing the measures needed to conserve their special character, is a key aspect of the process.

Individuals or groups may apply to the Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture in favour of designating a particular location as a provincial heritage place. Under the legislation, it is also possible for the Minister to initiate such a designation directly.

Once a specific place is formally proposed, a public notification and review process must be undertaken. Application forms for such designations can be found here, together with a list of criteria which apply, and detailed information on the required public review.

Following completion of this review, the Minister has the authority to create a legally binding framework for conserving the location as a Provincial Heritage Place.  One of the central features of such a designation is the description of the place’s character-defining elements, which cannot be altered in the future without a provincial heritage permit.

Further information on designated provincial heritage places is available here. Enquiries on all aspects of the designation process are welcome at the Heritage Branch of the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.