Government of New Brunswick


Heritage Week 2023 takes place February 13th – 20th. This year’s theme is Discover our craftspeople.

Craftspeople are intrinsic to every culture and society. From the beginnings of human history, we have relied on their specialized crafts to improve our quality of life and to provide for our material needs. The products of their work represent the tangible expression of a community’s history, core values, identity, and pride of place. A craftsperson may be the local tailor using traditional skills or an innovator working in industrial textile production. Whether an artist, carpenter, blacksmith, or shipbuilder, craftspeople shape our communities and have stories to share.

We want to honour and recognize our craftspeople by dedicating Heritage Week 2023 to those still with us and those who have made their contributions in the past.

During Heritage Week we encourage everyone to visit and discover our great buildings, cultural institutions, extraordinary landscapes and vibrant urban and rural communities or to attend a heritage week event in their community. If you can’t experience activities and places first-hand, then consider exploring heritage virtually from your home. Click on the following link to obtain a list of websites that will help get your search started.

If you are planning an event for Heritage Week or know of an event taking place live or virtually, please share it with us on our Facebook page.

We invite you to celebrate Heritage Week 2023 and explore the stories of significant craftspeople and the impact of craft on your community or the world.