Government of New Brunswick

Seaside Sightseeing

Jean Rooney
6 x 25 ft

Porcelain tiles, oriented strand boards

In 2017, Seaside Sightseeing was commissioned by the Province of New Brunswick for Seaside Park Elementary School as a pilot project as part of the Public Art Policy for New Brunswick. This represents a government investment of $20,000. The piece is now part of collectionArtNB.

The Land portion of Seaside Sightseeing

The Ocean portion of Seaside Sightseeing

Seaside Sightseeing is a tiled mural created using industrial porcelain. It is 150 feet squared and is divided into two main sections, The Land and The Ocean. The left panel is The Land (12 feet wide by 6 feet high) and the right panel is The Ocean (13 feet wide by 6 feet high). Rooney used playful and educational imagery of the port city of Saint John, its history and traditions to foster engagement and curiosity. White glazed space, (such as the book and submarine), are designed as part of the composition and are embedded into the mural. They may be used as a coloring page or interactivity space.

For a fun visual list of the symbols and imagery used in the piece, please click HERE



Jean Rooney is an Irish born New Brunswick-based contemporary visual artist. She is a multi-award wining artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally. Known for her vibrant use of colour, graphic marks, and layering, Rooney creates paintings, prints and installations which use the visual language of contemporary iconography, popular culture and design.